Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little wax and some spots

As you might have noticed, my last blog was about dogs. I will now take a short break from “Rafa says WHAT?” to write a little something about my dogs. If you had a keen eye, it might have dawned upon you that the only dog breed that I mentioned a couple of times was the Chihuahua…and that is because I own two. Here is a small anecdote starring my two cute friends:

When we first got the first one around 13 years ago, I decided to name her “Cera”. The name represented the culmination of my love for the amazing children’s series The Land Before Time, where the character “Cera” was a grumpy little triceratops. Coincidentally, though, the word cera also means “wax” in Spanish. Despite this, her appearance was the farthest thing from wax—she was black and white like a cow.

Now, six years ago, Cera gave birth to three puppies. Two were male and one female. We decided to keep the latter and we called her “Manchita”. This is a diminutive of the word “spot” in Spanish. In essence, her name means “little/small spot”. Her name arose from the fact that when she was a puppy, she had one spot on her back and we foolishly believed that it would remain there forever. Lo and behold, as soon as she turned one, the spot was almost completely gone, effectively voiding her name.

Here comes the irony. After having my dogs many a year, I have come to realize the incongruities of their names. Cera, rather than looking like wax, has many black blotches on her and Manchita, rather than having spots, has achieved a mixture of cream and brown color that makes her look like wax. So, in essence, their names have become permanently stuck on the dog that they do not belong.

And that concludes my musing of the day. It sort of came as an epiphany when I was looking at them and I decided to expand upon it. Following is a picture of my Chihuahuas…I'm pretty sure you can figure out which is which…

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