Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Suggestion Box - Foreigners

So, I must inform my dear readers that I have gotten what can be called my first request for a theme for the “Rafa says WHAT?” category. A friend of mine decided that it would be funny to talk about foreigners and their effect on the people living in places they travel to as well as peculiar quirks of their personalities. What better way to enjoy one’s time than to write insultingly and hilariously about races?

I figured it would be too hard to isolate each and every country and explore it, so I have conveniently decided to separate the foreigners into classes or groups. This might be a gross generalization of “every” race, but it’s ok for my studies for now. The generalized groups that will be spoken of will include Asians, Europeans, Africans, Latinos, and, in all respects to racial fairness, Americans. These blogs will assume that the people being talked about are foreigners to a different country and it is what other people see in them. In other words—stereotypes. But, as always, among the bad, there will be good things that will be mentioned about the foreigners (except Americans).

Now, I know that this might be insulting to…well…all of you, but that is why I’m doing it. I believe that it is good to laugh at oneself for a change. So no matter where you come from—Asia (where you get wrinkles from your twenties), Europe (where you smell as bad as wet dog), Africa (where you probably have some kind of worm living inside of you), Latin America (where we have many babies and sell cocaine), or even America (where you are morbidly obese)—I now invite you to read my next blogs and laugh. It is the best kind of medicine and God knows that no race is perfect…so stop believing you are superior or better (it’s not true); and for all of you who still think this way…well, you’re in for a rude awakening…


  1. i cant believe u finally did it lol

  2. he hasn't done shit with this since then :(