Monday, January 4, 2010

The Suggestion Box - Doomsdays

It’s kind of funny to constantly get suggestions from the same person, but I guess that it’s all in the fun of waiting for the blog to get more notoriety. Anyway, me and that same friend that said, “Hey, Rafa…write about Foreigners!” were talking on the phone and she now mentioned something a little bit different—doomsdays. We didn’t get to that as quickly as one might imagine, though. With the New Year came the notion that the “end of the world” is only 2 years away. I then began to explain why it was total bogus and she stopped me and said that I should write a blog about it. Why not? Presenting…Doomsdays.

This is one of the most exciting things to talk about to people. Before, it seemed pretty far away, but now we are pretty darn close to what many believe to be the end. Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis has society been scared that the end might be near. I will examine a couple doomsdays in the past tense to report a bit more accurately on the one that is coming. Furthermore, I will provide much evidence to the contrary against beliefs about such people as the Maya…and make fun of them, of course. By Doomsdays, I want the audience to be aware that I mean days that will probably usher in the extinction of the human race or the destruction of the society that has been built, which will make humanity return to the dark ages when women were subservient, no one brushed their teeth, people ate with their hands, and all was good.

All in all, the blog will deal with delusions of grandeur that the human race has come up with. Oh boo-hoo! We’re all going to die because we’re so important in the universe! Just calm down…it ain’t going to happen. Everyone has to cool down for now, though. There is still one final chapter in the “Foreigners” segment before we get to Doomsdays. Rest assured, though, after the next blog, the truth will be revealed! Now, as you wait, please feel free to browse the blog, vote on polls, or leave a voice comment for me on the widgets to the right of this blog. Oh, and expect to laugh as you read the last installment of the “Foreigners” blog dealing with those fat Americans.

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