Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

Quite frankly, it is surprising how little time one has during summer as age grows on you. I’m not saying I’m an old fart quite yet, but I am quite busy. In all of my busyness, however, I do have some good announcements.

Number 1: If you follow my fan page on Facebook at all, you would have found out that I have this nifty new thing called “Formspring”. Basically, people ask anonymous questions that can be about anything. By anything, I mean anything. My job is to answer them and, if I can, make a funny remark…which is getting exceedingly difficult when people ask straightforward questions like “do you play God?” I believe the answer is, well, no? I’m a blogger, not an idiot. So, if you have any pressing questions or truths that you want sarcastically corroborated, please feel free to follow me on Formspring or ask questions.

Number 2: I know that I have not mentioned this yet, but I also have a Twitter. I was vehemently against Twitter for a long time, but I finally gave in. Can’t hurt, can it? Over time, I have found out how the gosh darn thing works (the whole “@” and “#” system is the sort of thing that a person comes up with in a drug induced coma), and have found a soft spot in my heart for that annoying blue bird. If anyone wants to keep up with my day-to-day, or chat with me when not checking the blog, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Number 3: I know that I have been advertising the 2012 blog for some time, but, if everything works out, I will have it done before this weekend. It will be divided into 2 blogs—one that destroys any belief in those darn Mayans that people keep on talking about, and one that dismantles the stupidity behind the 2012 movie. Both of those thorns have been prodding my backside for a while, and it’s about time I take them out before I get an infection of stupid.

Number 4: My brother keeps on annoying me about this thing that I’ve been thinking of doing. Remember that little thing called Ustream I had mentioned a long time ago? Well, of course you don’t…it’s a “TV channel” type deal on the internet where I can have my own show and people can tune in and watch me talk about things that annoy me. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well what my brother is annoying me about is a little something called a “Four Chord Rant.” The idea was that we take the generic 4 chords used in most hit songs and play them over and over while ranting about a certain topic. Think about it as a “Rafa says WHAT?” on steroids that has been turned into a musical without a script. Basically the plan is to sit in front of the computer with no idea what to say and ad-lib it. Sounds easy enough, right? Stay tuned and I’ll let you know…

And lastly, Number 5: I have been thinking of this one for a while as well. I will write one poem a night during the month of June (thanks for the idea Josh…too bad almost no one knows who you are, so for all intents and purposes, it was my idea), and it will flow like one full poem…an epic poem…a comedic epic poem, to be precise (I came up with this myself…Josh had nothing to do with it). Hopefully it will work out and it will be hilarious. In between my 2 “Rafa says WHAT?” and off-topic segments, I’ll put the poems up as I write them. I sincerely hope that you all can stand them and that you will find them somewhat humorous and, well, epic.

So, this is it. I hope that you will keep reading, or else my life will have no meaning. Check back in soon!

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