Thursday, January 13, 2011

Airplane Vigilante

A little while ago (on December 28), there was a report that reminded me of something I had written a long time ago. One of my first blogs, in fact, was the one that it reminded me of. Anyone recall “Rafa says WHAT? Airplane Bandidos”? In it, I spoke of people on airplanes that broke the rules clearly stated on paper and spoken by flight attendants. I dubbed them “Airplane Bandidos” and proceeded to spew my annoyances about them. The reason I wrote that blog was because a woman next to me was using her iPod throughout the entire flight and, despite many warnings, also used her Blackberry throughout the entire flight.

Enter the man that actually took action. I only took a picture and ranted about the chick behind her back since I’m cool like that. This guy, though, looked beside him and saw a dumb teenager that refused to turn off his iPhone after the stewardess said so. He, like any badass crime fighter, took matters into his own hands and punched the lousy teenager. As soon as the plane landed, police were waiting for him and he was arrested. He is like a modern day Batman—a vigilante. For all we know, he might have saved the plane from imminent fiery death. This is just another shot at do-gooders that want to help. He probably read my blog and didn’t wanna take crap from a little boy.

Gosh darn those teenagers and their color television and eight track tapes.

Via Gizmodo and Kboi2

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