Friday, January 28, 2011

Bye, Bye Internet

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you woke up one day, turned on your computer, and the Internet was off? I’m not talking about the I-have-a-terrible-internet-connection deal or the I-haven’t-turned-on-my-wireless-oops mistake either. I’m saying that the Internet is truly gone. It is sort of a foreign thought to most people and even me, in all honesty. The thing is that it has already happened. Today is “Friday of Wrath” in Egypt, as political protests will come to a head. The old regime is losing power and people have taken to the streets in huge shows of hatred towards their current rulers. The current regime, as soon as this began to occur, thought of a great idea to prevent the exiting of information from Egypt to the rest of the world about what was going on—shutting down the internet.

Doubtless, many of you will have probably heard this story, but it must be repeated and spread because it begs a question that was asked by a writer at Gizmodo: Is internet access a human right? We all take it for granted, but if it’s gone, we finally realize how important it was in our everyday life. If people can’t read my stupid blog, what will they do with themselves? There’s probably millions of people out there waiting with baited breath for a Tweet from Justin Bieber announcing the growth of his first pubic hair. Or maybe there are around 500 million people waiting to log on to Facebook, notice that the site layout has moved one button, and rant about it for two days before forgetting completely about it. Maybe it’s the millions of Americans that want to watch daily updates of Glenn Beck’s patriotic and pundit-y farts on FOX. I don’t know, but I do know that the internet is very important and it isn’t as easy as hitting the reset button on a modem. This stuff is getting real.



  1. lol do you have some sort of weird obsession with justin beiber? i think this is the third time that ive read his name in one of your blogs... awww, do you have some underlying feelings for that little head of perfect flippy hair?

  2. First of all, its Justin B-ie-ber. Just saying. Don't judge me. And no, I do not. The reason being that I am not attracted to females under the age of 13. If she wants my attention, she will have to wait another few years. Oh, and you will also read her name in my next blog today as well. I hope you are ready!