Thursday, January 6, 2011

Facebook Crazies

Facebook is, for all intents and purposes, the only social network out there right now. It was only a matter of time before something happened. Honestly, I’m sure that this isn’t the first time that something like what I’m about to…well, make fun of, has happened. Quite frankly, though, I didn’t bother to find any more. I figured that two extremely odd stories would be enough.

The first one took place on January the 3rd. As far as I’ve read, this woman decided to go all “kwayzee” on her boyfriend when he didn’t want her to use the computer or read his Facebook. So, she figured that the only logical course of action to solve the dilemma was to grab a kitchen knife and slay the dissident. Now, she could have solved this problem by simply talking, but I think she felt that a knife through some major organ would get the message across just as well. You can read more about the crazy crime here.

A picture of the gurl who thought dat dat dayum man had given har too much crap.

In the mean time, though, as Facebook gets more wildly popular, I’m sure we will be hearing more reports like these. We can now safely say…damn you, Facebook. While I go and post a link to this on Facebook, though, have fun watching this video of a guy beat up his son because of the shenanigans he has been up to on the precious social network. Oh, and I do realize that all of the people doing crazy things that I have mentioned are of darker skin…and, well, yeah. They pretty much make fun of themselves.

Via The Smoking Gun and Gawker


  1. i applaud you. im sure you made alot of people
    "lol" with this one :D
    -me :p

  2. Really? Are you that proud of yourself? Because I find you to be pretentious, bigoted, and racist. Yes, Facebook is a plague, but if you could step out of your pigeon holed perspective you'd realize there are lots of Puerto Ricans and Whites who use facebook to fuck up their [and others around them] lives. You, my good sir, are much more than an asshole....Yes, you are also a self absorbed, insular fool with an ego that is much too big for your own good.