Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Force is Strong in Your Crotch

A few blogs back, I spoke about being a true man and tossing a high calorie and testosterone meat salad to decree your manliness. This post, though, I am introducing a new concept. It’s called “Penis Power.” Apparently all men have it, and they use it to…well…we kind of have…and then with the heating iron…there’s squirrels…you know what, I really have no idea what the heck it is or what we use it for. This woman, though she definitely knows what is going on. She has gone to hell and back because of this “Penis Power” that we supposedly emanate from our crotchal region (which is apparently so strong sometimes that you can feel it through the pants…I sort of have been known to cook some fried eggs on my crotch every once in a while). Now, I leave the floor to this fantastic African American woman who will now ebonicify what it means to have “Penis Power” and what exactly that is.

Via CollegeHumor

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