Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Fox and the Idiot

In other news, a fox shot a hunter on January 13. Yes, you read right…the fox shot the hunter. In what you probably would only expect out of Starfox, the lowly creature entered into a battle over a gun with a hunter. This occurred after the hunter tried to hit it with said gun, only to have the gun fall to the ground and have to wrestle with the fox for control of it. What’s more, in the rumble, the fox’s paw pulled the trigger and shot the man in the leg! Talk about hilarious! The man had to be taken to a hospital and the fox got away happy as can be. So I guess this oddity of a WWE match had a happy ending. Now comes the hard part for the man in recovery: either make up a cooler story that makes him seem more bad-ass (aka not getting shot by a random fox), or keep it as is. My vote is with the latter.

In Soviet Russia, Fox shoot you!

Via Reuters

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