Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Usually Write Most of My Resumes on Crack

I know that, like me, most of my faithful readers have had to write at least one resume in their lives. You usually sit, breathe in and out, crack your joints a little, and get ready to be as pompous about how awesome you are as possible. When you’re done, it’s usually a decent resume that you hope people will read and notice your best qualities so they can hire you. What happens when you are so pissed that no one has hired you in a while? Well, you go out, get a hold of some crack or liquid death and destruction and write something like the Craigslist job post below. Go ahead…click to enlarge it and tell me that you wouldn’t hire this guy. After all, he is a wolverine.


Apparently another awesome resume has just hit Craigslist. Again, Someecards is the culprit. This one is a bit more honest. And it mentions sex. So like I said: honest.

Via Someecards


  1. LMAO!
    I wish I was a damn wolverine.

  2. Isn't it fantastic? I wish I had invented the moon...