Saturday, January 22, 2011

If You Ever Though You Were A Man...

You think you are a man, right? Wrong! Real men don’t just eat meat…they make salads manly by making them completely out of meat! Mmmm tastes like beards, manliness, and guns! Who needs carrots when you have SAUSAGES?! Who needs radishes when you have MEATBALLS?! NO ONE, THAT’S WHO!!! If you are either a woman or vegetarian/homosexual, please, don’t watch this video.


Thanks to a reader's comment, we have received another video of Manliness to the extreme. This time with dry humping and biceps included!

Via Someecards and YouTube

*In case my faithful readers didn’t know, I’m a vegetarian. So if you wanted to insult me because of my comments, I will have you know that I made fun of myself. Just for the record.

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  1. This is the video you should watch, Rafa.