Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jesus Ain't Got Nuthin' On These Guys

Ever been sitting at the river/sea/ocean/lake/random-body-of-water front and just thought, “Man, Jesus was a BAMF!” Then tried to run on water, but belly flopped, embarrassing yourself in front of a bunch of people and then realized that maybe your future wife was in there and you just ruined your chances and that now you would live a sad and pathetic life inside a cardboard box because you wouldn’t graduate and then when you were old you would look back and think that it was all because of a damn belly flop? …yeah, me neither. Anyway, if you are looking for crazy awesome Jesus style walking on water, look no further than the Basilisk Lizard and this bunch of crazy dudes that invented a sport that we only wish we could do: Liquid Mountaineering.

Ok, I admit it isn't what? That hasn't stopped many people from doing it! Hats off to these guys for making an accidental sport! Now, if you will excuse me, I'm headed to Horsetooth Reservoir to defy the laws of physics.

Via CollegeHumor

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