Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Car is All Natural

I recently came across an article that described an awesome new car. This was not just an awesome car…it was a concept car. This car was not just a concept car…it was also a Mercedes. Mmm…delicious. There is something different about this car that debuted in the Los Angeles Design Challenge, though. It might be something that you won’t think of right off the bat. Try and figure it out as you admire that delicious piece of automotive engineering below.

How is this beauty manufactured, you ask? Well, do I have a story for you. This car isn’t built per-se—it is grown. See that star in the middle of the front of the car? That star has DNA from which the interior of the car is grown. The exterior is grown from DNA in the star on the back. Not only is this car grown, but it is also biodegradable, weighs under 1,000 pounds, and the body is stronger than steel. Oh, and the only emissions it produces are molecules of that terrible, horrible for the environment, destructive…oxygen. Green has never been more bad-ass.

If I had the money to buy a time machine and go to the future, I would definitely buy this car and pass out for a while after I put it on my driveway. Then I would get used to my life in the future, since I can’t travel back in time (but that could be a topic for another blog). What’s for sure, this new car, dubbed the BIOME, better be out of concept mode quickly for the sake of everyone. Maybe Mercedes will soon start growing their own employees. Do I smell a Brave New World?

Via Gizmag

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