Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overpriced? I Think Not!

Have you ever been at a store, gazing at the prices and thought, “That is a BARGAIN!” Boy, do I have one for you right now. Apparently, a company called AudioQuest has a product out that might as well revolutionize technology here on earth. It’s a coffee colored, 6.6 foot HDMI cable that is absolutely beautiful. It really is the epitome of all that is amazing. It is so incredible, in fact, that even aliens from the Pleiades want to get their hands on it. That’s why they contacted this random chick and the being called Sahaja presented herself as pure light…it was a reference to their severe need for HD! Anyway, this amazing cable can be yours from Best Buy for the incredible price of $695.99. Click the photo below to see this beauty.

Below are some 5 star review screenshots from very satisfied customers. Click each to enlarge and, when you do, you will realize why this is a chance that you cannot miss. There are many more like this at the actual website, which you can visit and enjoy as you order this astonishingly underpriced piece of the future.

Via The Consumerist

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