Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My VCR is Made of Money

Have you ever seen anything so dastardly insane and ridiculous that you just can’t handle it? Boy, have I got a video for you. Apparently (though my thoughts is that it is fake), you can call an awesome number to sell your VRC and get up to “1 million dollars!!! OR MOOOOOOORRRRREEEEEE!!!” That’s right. It’s as easy as selling your old VCR. Apparently, they have fairies that work for them as well, considering the fact that one testimonial just reeks of close encounters of the supernatural kind…the money just appeared there! You will know which one I am referring to. Oh, and after you are done being completely sexually assaulted by the pedophile pitchman, you should pause it at the end and read the fine print.

Via Someecards

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