Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mythos: Thicker Hair and Shaving

“If you shave, your hair will grow back thicker and fuller,” goes the old story that your mom told you before you shaved. But does it really? It sure does feel that way. The reality is far from this, as many of the myths examined in this series. Your hair doesn’t grow back thicker, and here’s why…

After you shave, the blunt ends of your hair can make it appear like your hair is, indeed, coarser when it isn’t. If shaving actually made you grow more hair or make it coarser, the scenario I will now postulate will elucidate the situation. Let’s say that a guy called Jim shaves his facial hair for the first time when he’s 13. Back then, his hair would have been soft and peach-fuzzy. But, the more he shaves, the faster, thicker, and more it grows. By the time he is 19 or 20, he will be living in the forest with wolves, his face will be covered in hair, and he will be more in tune with nature. Ask any doctor if this myth is true and the answer will be a resounding “no.” Because your friends and family have repeated this myth so much, it is all psychology from there.

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