Saturday, May 28, 2011

I've Always Loved Puppets

Ah, this video brings me back. It’s actually a recently released teaser trailer for a new movie coming out on Thanksgiving of this year. The thing is…it isn’t the movie it says it is at the beginning. Setting the stage perfectly for excellent jokes and gags, this trailer winds you up to watch a lovey-dovey romance movie until the main characters arrive. And boy do they arrive. Instantly recognizable, this teaser is sure to get you as excited as it did me.

Yes. I kid you not. It is another “Muppets” movie! I honestly can’t control my excitement. The muppets were the first show I watched as a kid. Screw “Barney” and “Power Rangers.” Those shows were for sissies. If my kids ever watch those shows, I will disown them, but not before I punch them in the face. They should be watching a show where everything is bad-ass: The Muppest. Hellz to the yeah! Thug life. Here’s the second teaser that was released this week. It mocks the commercial for “The Hangover: Part II” excellently.

Just as an added bonus and to get you more psyched up for the movie, here’s drumming legend Buddy Rich playing drum solos against Animal. Like I said…bad-ass.

Via Splitsider and, well, Splitsider

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