Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Musical Glasses

I remember one day, when I was sitting in a restaurant with my parents, there were some wine glasses in front of me. Obviously, mine had water in it, since my parents actually care about my wellbeing. I dipped my finger into the glass and rubbed the top a bit to get a little piece of food off. To my amazement, it made a sound! What kind of black magic is this?! I wet my finger again and rubbed it around the top, and it began making a smooth sound for as long as my finger was on the top. I have been annoying people at restaurants with this discovery ever since. I’m sure that everyone has discovered this, but some people went a bit further. They actually manufacture their own special glasses inscribed with lines that indicate the water/alcoholic beverage of your choice level to achieve a certain musical note. For sure, if I wasn’t poor and sure that I would break them, I’d get some. Oh no! I filled it with a bit too much wine! I wanted a C. I guess I’ll have to remove a certain amount. Yeah…that’s a recipe for many drunk pseudo-musicians.

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