Friday, June 24, 2011


This moment probably only occurs only once in a person’s life, if at all. I have literally just received what is probably one of the funniest news stories of my entire life. What’s more, I know the person involved. Apparently, he got caught doing the dirty deed in an airplane. By dirty deed, I of course mean masturbating, since he is apparently a sad, lonely person. Not only did he get caught, but he got caught by an agent of the FBI. I don’t know whether that would be really damned badass or really damned embarrassing. Probably the latter. If you have so much pent up sexual energy on an airplane that you decide to lock yourself in the 3x3 foot cubicle of a bathroom and cry yourself into the mile high club, you really need to rethink your priorities before you get caught by the FBI. I guess his “weapon” was small enough to not get detected by airport security. BAM! I just had to make that joke. I apologize. The link to the article is below (but it’s in Spanish…that’s why I gave pretty much the summary of what occurred), and I would advise every reader to absolutely not resort to this, ever. Just wait a few hours till you get to your house or a random hotel room where you can get a hooker or some pay per view or something.

Via El Vocero

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