Monday, July 4, 2011

In the Spirit of the 4th

Meet Eric Jacqmain. He does normal teenager things. But his normal teenager things include building a 5,8oo mirror, 5 ft diameter solar death ray. Yep, that’s right, he is a true patriot. Ready to defend the country, this solar death ray concentrates the sun’s energy on a single point that’s only a few centimeters in diameter. Anything there pretty much spontaneously combusts. I know I would prefer to have this than any firecracker all you losers have. It’s time to upgrade! If anyone that reads this actually attempts to build one, definitely send me a pic or video. In the meantime, Eric will be busy building a 32,000 mirror one because his old one burst into flames because of its sheer awesomeness (that actually happened…except for awesomeness being involved). Check out the video below to see it in action, and happy 4th of July!

Via Gizmodo

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