Friday, October 21, 2011

Put Some Speed Into Your Life Legally

Do you find your life to be hectic and uninteresting? Do I have the solution for you! The following video will show you how to shave seconds, minutes, days, and even weeks off your everyday tasks so you have room for more exciting things! In the video they discuss everything from parking to folding clothes and making sorbets. I’ve already done quite a few of these and they work great. One of my friends even used the folding clothes one to impress some lady-friends. Hell yeah, these things can be used to pick up chicks. No guarantees they work better than a puppy, but one can hope. What awesome stuff you do with all this extra time is up to you, but if you do something highly illegal or stupid, please don’t mention my blog to the police.

Oh, and in case you wanted more speed, here is a clip of an Asian guy proving yet again that their race is infinitely better than ours. I won’t spoil what he does, but get ready to have your mind blown…

Via YouTube and VideoBash

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